An explanation for a misunderstanding

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Sun May 13 19:44:45 UTC 2012

Since there seems to be passionate about "Charlie being locked out of
xubuntu-users" [1], let me try to correct the misunderstanding.

Nobody's been locked out of anything intentionally. Nobody wants to stop
other people accessing anything, especially if they are accessing
because they want to contribute to the project.

The reason why Charlie was seemingly locked out from the moderator panel
is that I had changed some settings for the list – most importantly,
updated the admin password, and while I was at that, moved people
(including Charlie) from the admin group to the moderators team (they
shouldn't get as much unnecessary post now, for starters).

I have now updated the moderator password too and sent email to Charlie
to both correct the misunderstanding and access the technical issue
behind it.

What comes to me "taking over" mentioned in Charlie's post [1], this is
something what I'm expected to do by the community, to make sure we can
keep up with the quality standards set by the previous project leaders,
if not improve them. Again, I'm not trying to stop anyone from
contributing, I'm just doing a regular maintenancy check for any tools
we are using.

While all of the things mentioned above might seem something they are
not, for example seemingly locking somebody out of somewhere, none of
these issues are intentional or hoped. In the future, I hope members of
the community would check any issues with me or any other concerning
members before throwing accusations out in the public.

I'm sorry that this misunderstanding has grown into absurd proportions.
I'm also sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused.

If you think there is still something wrong, please email this mailing
list or me personally, and I'll take actions where appropriate. If you
know there is any place where people still live in the misunderstanding,
please feel free to link to this email (in the xubuntu-devel archive,
for example).



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