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Andrej Znidarsic andrej.znidarsic at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 30 12:18:42 UTC 2012

Hello Xubuntu developers!

My name is Andrej Znidarsic and I am a member of Ubuntu translations
coordinators team.
As you might know untill now only packages in main have been translatable
in Launchpad and shipped in language packs.

Recently  we added a feature to give universe packages an opt-in
possibility to be translatable in Launchpad and their
translations shipped in language packs. This means translators would be
able to use Launchpad's infrastructure for translations and updated
translations will be shipped as SRU after the final version is released.

In order to enable a universe package to be translatable in Launchpad,
only two modifications are needed in the package (additional info on the
wiki URL [1]):

1. Add X-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack: yes to debian/control's source record
2. Use dh_translations to generate a POT file during the build process.

I realise it is quite late in the release cycle, and that it might not
be possible to do this for 12.04, but would you be interested/have time
to do these modifications and enable translations for the xfce4* source
in Launchpad?



[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Universe_Translations_in_LP
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