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Chris cyber.druif at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 06:14:33 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

I've just received this email in my mailbox and I've heard amazing stuff
from this team. Please consider to assist Xubuntu in the small time-frame
they/we still have for Beta 2. I hope someone has some extra time to help a
team in need. I've cc'd the Xubuntu developer list to let them know I've
send out this request.

With metta, Chris

P.s.: Note to Xubuntu; I haven't subscribed to the lubuntu-qa list so my
message first needs to get approved.
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2012/3/27 Charlie Kravetz <cjk at teamcharliesangels.com>

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> It is now 01:29 AM on March 28. We have exactly zero tests finished for
> Precise Beta 2. A new image was just released. That means every test on
> the QA ISO tracker must be re-done. Having a little more than 24 hours,
> I can not accomplish this alone. Please help test if you can. I do not
> know if another image will be built, but everytime a new image is
> built, we test all tests again.
> Please help with the testing if you can.
> Post your tests at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker .
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will do alternate i386 and desktop i386 as soon as i can


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