Chromium window buttons idea

Csenger Attila Szabó csenger41 at
Mon Jun 11 17:47:54 UTC 2012

Hello everyone!

I know that the brainstorming cycle is over, and am very sorry for writing
this much after it, but I would like to see a small feature development in
the next release.
This would be the ability to put the window buttons (close, minimize,
maximize, etc) in Chromium compact mode to the left side. I am using my
Xubuntu with the window buttons on that side, and it is a little bit
confusing that everything moves there, except Chromium.
And I know that this is possible, back in the Ubuntu 10.10 realease in
Gnome 2, they automatically moved to the left if I configured them to be

I would really appreciate iyou could make this possible. :)
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