Xubuntu meeting times & Next Xubuntu community meeting

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Mon Jun 4 12:38:56 UTC 2012


we've gathered a good amount of Doodle replies (and I've been in contact
with others via IRC) about the Xubuntu meeting times. The best times for
most in the team are (all times in UTC):

* Monday, 3PM–4PM
* Monday, 4PM–5PM (+OK for laite)
* Tuesday, 3PM–4PM
* Tuesday 4PM–5PM (+OK for laite)
* Wednesday, 3PM–4PM

Unfortunately, none of these times work for mr_pouit, but... Since the
QA meeting is on Friday's and we need to report our progress there, I'm
selecting Wednesday 3PM–4PM, since it's closest. (If we need to
reschedule, let's use the above list as the first guideline.)

I'm away this Wednesday, so the next community meeting (and first in the
Quantal cycle) is on 13th of June at 3PM. The place is #xubuntu-devel on
Freenode as usually.

And as always, anybody is welcome to the meeting!


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