Call for people interested in documentation

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Sat Jun 2 11:57:14 UTC 2012


this is a call to start getting involved for all those who are
  * specifically interested in system documentation
  * willing to contribute to Xubuntu but lack technical skills
  * thinking that they should give something back, but don't know how
  * interested in learning something new

The Xubuntu team has approved a blueprint to update the offline
documentation for Xubuntu [1] during the Quantal cycle. Updating several
years old documentation is not something that happens overnight.

But don't be afraid! It's going to be fine.

For now, next to no infrastructure is up yet, and we're just starting to
gather people who are interested in contributing to the Xubuntu docs. To
show your interest in working with the Xubuntu docs during the next few
months, please propose yourself as a member of ~xubuntu-doc [2]. (You
won't be approved at least directly, since we need to sort out some
issues first, but at least we'll know you're interested.)

We will send more mail to the developer mailing list when all is set. We
will specifically contact those of you who are proposed members for

Please use the opportunity to make Xubuntu better!

Cheers and thanks,


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