Creating Visual Guidelines for Xubuntu

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sun Jul 29 09:16:13 UTC 2012


On sunnuntai 29 heinäkuu 2012, Santiago Roland wrote:
> * Gmusicbruwser: Should be replaced by Banshee.
> Maybe a retouched version of VLC should replace all
> video players around, Parole in this case.

It would help if these kind of proposals would be formulated according
to the selection criteria given in the Xubuntu Strategy document.

> * Themes: Xubuntu should have a light theme by default and not trying
> to imitate Ubuntu ambiance theme or others, light themes are better
> for understanding, reading and it is well demonstrated that light
> themes are better for the understanding of the mind.

While I don't have any contrary evidence, this sounds just as
your own opinion...

Could you point out the research studies or other non-anecdotal evidence
which gave these results?

(The studies should include information about the used display refresh
rates and how long people have looked at the display continuously.)

> Thats why the kindle is black text over white surface and not backwards,

Kindle uses electronic ink screen which has different display properties
from LCDs (and CRTs) used in computers where Xubuntu is installed.

Also, ebooks try to imitate books.  Normal paper of course has
also different display properties from LCDs. :-)

	- Eero

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