IDEA: Integrate C­atfish into Thunar

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at
Wed Jul 11 09:59:42 UTC 2012

On Wed, 11 Jul 2012 03:27:54 +0200
Benedek Imre <nucleo at> wrote:

> Just a short reply to Simon:
> "the new menuitem will probably be Catfish File Search" - I think it's a quite good compromise, it's better than the simple 'Catfish' (even if not as good as 'File Finder' :-D

Good to hear.

> What do You think about if we place it next to Application Finder with a separator below them (in Main menu>Accessories) ? It's a little highlight from the crowd and helps to find it a bit more easily. If there will be some improvements on Catfish in 12.10, this would be a good reason to do this, and both of them perform some kind of search, so they are a bit similar in some ways.

Yeah, I think we can do that.

> One remark:
> It's quite disturbing the small magnifier icon of Catfish (and of Application Finder also) is dark and it appears on a dark menu by default. I know there are different themes, but if the default theme is dark, maybe this should be considered. Could its icon be light or contoured with light at least?

I agree. I don't have a totally great idea as to how to fix this (yet), but I'll try to keep it in mind.

> We've talked about the accessibility already. If Thunar could not contains a launcher, could we place Catfish File Search on the bottom shortcut pane by default? Next to Application Finder (as in Accessories)? I really think it's a bit hard to find for a beginner...

Yes, I think we can do that.

All the best,

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