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Tue Jul 10 23:49:11 UTC 2012

I'm a bit sad it's unable to 'link' Catfish from Thunar, because this would have been an easy and good solution (but I comprehend its reasons). Even Nautilus can search for files, not to speak about Windows Explorer or MacOS X Finder. I know if I need built in search I could install Nautilus, but this is so essential feature, what every file manager should know (furthermore I did not talk about a built-in feature, just a simple 'launcher').

About the name. The truth is if I look on Xubuntu I would like to see a unified OS, not just a heap of individual applications. Of course this is a theoretical question, maybe it does not match with philosophy of Linux or Xubuntu. I think Ubuntu or LinuxMint owe their success (inter alia) they are unified (so a Linux distro is still possible to be unified). We should not trudge behind them and we should not fear from change. Meanwhile I know Xubuntu owes its success it moves forward judiciously - yes I know it's paradox .
When I work with an OS, I seek functions not applications. If I would like to find a file I seek a function called 'File Finder'. It's a very good example there are exo-launchers for web browsing or e-mail reading in Xubuntu. Why not make 'File Finder' like this too?
I've written the 'Application Finder' and 'File Finder' could be a nice, logical unit in my previous post - and I still believe now.
Naturally I absolutely understand if developers of Catfish do not want to give up this name.

Finally You should know I did not want to be harsh or offend anyone indeed, I'm always overly enthusiastic if I'm talking about Xubuntu and of course I'm making campaign for my idea. :-D

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On Mon, 9 Jul 2012 23:21:02 +0200
 Benedek Imre <nucleo at> wrote:
 > It's not Xubuntu's developers business: Yes, You're right - I've always guessed it. I'm going to try to reach some guys at Xfce or at Xubuntu who knows them and can help. It will be a bit hard, cause Xfce Desktop team and Thunar developers are not the same (I'm not sure) and my proposal affects both of them.
 Thunar's development is stalling a bit at the moment. The main developer has recently relocated and he's busy with his new job, so we'll see how soon things will start moving there again. And to get more to your point, Thunar is an integral part of Xfce and the maintainer/developer of Thunar was always a core member of the Xfce developers.
 > Otherwise we must see to integrate Catfish into Thunar is not a 5 minutes work (furthermore Joshua wrote Thunar needs to be kept fairly lightweight and I agree with him), so finally I've changed my mind and therefore I suggest keep Catfish standalone, move forward with small steps, do some things for let the search function is more easy to find for beginners also.
 Moving forward in small steps is a very good idea.
 While I agree that the context-menu entry is not as discoverable as can be, adding a link to the main menu isn't going to happen for now. Thunar doesn't provide any way for external applications to hook in a new menu-item and hardcoding a "file finder" link to catfish would be ludicrous (even though it would be a really really simple patch) because you have to keep in mind what'll happen if catfish isn't installed or gets removed.
 Renaming the application's menu-entry is something worth considering. I'll talk to the catfish-devs about it. (Could imagine a name without dropping the "catfish name", something like "Catfish desktop search".)
  - Simon
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