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Mon Jul 9 21:21:02 UTC 2012

To Brian:
It's not Xubuntu's developers business: Yes, You're right - I've always guessed it. I'm going to try to reach some guys at Xfce or at Xubuntu who knows them and can help. It will be a bit hard, cause Xfce Desktop team and Thunar developers are not the same (I'm not sure) and my proposal affects both of them.

To Michele Mor:
Michele, if You click on 'Type' in the header of Thunar, it lists the files by type OR if You select Edit>Select by pattern and insert *.mp3 into the input field, Thunar will select all the mp3s automatically. I do not think Windows or MacOS can do more for You.

Otherwise we must see to integrate Catfish into Thunar is not a 5 minutes work (furthermore Joshua wrote Thunar needs to be kept fairly lightweight and I agree with him), so finally I've changed my mind and therefore I suggest keep Catfish standalone, move forward with small steps, do some things for let the search function is more easy to find for beginners also.

Sincerely, Imre

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hey guys & gals,
 xubuntu uses the open source thunar file manager, and catfish file
 search app, but xubuntu team is not the developer of either.
 I believe such a thunar feature request would have to go through the
 applications actual development team:
 On Mon, 09 Jul 2012 16:25:21 +0400
 Michele Mor <m_mor at> wrote:
 > This is not bad, but I still prefer your previous mockup.
 > Having a "file finder" or "file filter" on your Thunar window is a
 > huge advantage for a user. For example, if you download a file .mp3
 > and then open your "Download" folder it would be much easier to
 > identify that file if you could restrict Thunar to show only .mp3
 > files. As it has been mentioned earlier, Win and Mac do the same, why
 > can't Xubuntu?
 > Thanks.
 > Michele
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