IDEA: Integrate Catfish into Thunar

Benedek Imre nucleo at
Sat Jul 7 01:55:17 UTC 2012

Hi Guys,

What do You think about if we integrate Catfish into Thunar (if it's possible technically)?

Why have I tought about it?
I think file managing and search for files are tipical OS level tasks and they have to be accessed from the same place.
I know there is Ctrl+F (it's got a bit limited function and cannot substitute a 'real' file finder) in Thunar, and I know Catfish is integrated into the right-click menu also (through custom actions - if I know well).
1. The right-click menu usually offers such functions, which can be accessed from the main menu structure of the application.
2. To open a standalone application to find a file - I think it is not an elegant solution.
3. We should help users who want to switch from Windows or MacOS (both of them have elegantly integrated file finder).

Just a proposal about the look:

You should know I'm a newbie in Xubuntu-dev, I'm not a programmer just an 'average user' (otherwise I'm a graphic designer) - so if You've talked about this or this kind of topic yet, or it's technically impossible, just forget my idea. I know finalizing the next release is the most important recently - but not my ideas. :-)
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