xubuntu-devel Digest, Vol 87, Issue 17

Bruno Benitez gridcube at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 16:32:29 UTC 2012

2012/12/30 AG Restringere <ag.restringere at gmail.com>

> 1. Themes & Icons:
> Shimmer Project is the "key" to the Xubuntu project succeeding.  The
> themes there are far beyond what I can find on the rest of the internet and
> really create a very professional look and feel.  The recent updates to
> Greybird using GTK3 are very very cool.  However the Icon set default NEEDS
> to be Faenza http://goo.gl/cZ6Vb to really make themes like Greybird come
> to life.  There also needs to be a light theme from Shimmer project that
> matches stock Ubuntu theme of Radiance so basically to port the Radiance
> theme from Unity over to Xubuntu.  The Xubuntu needs to have Greybird,
> Radiance and Albatross be the default themes with Faenza the default icons.
I'll admit that the Faenza icon theme its pretty awesome and that it does
make the pseudo-dock panel look a gazillion times better than the current

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