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AG Restringere ag.restringere at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 15:40:20 UTC 2012

Xubuntu List,

Recently I downloaded the new theme set for Greybird from Shimmer Project
called "greybird-git" that uses GTK3 and I can tell you, it's awesome.
 Just be updating Greybird the look and feel of the system has enhanced the
entire Xubuntu experience.

The top items for Xubuntu that I would love to see:

1. Themes & Icons:

Shimmer Project is the "key" to the Xubuntu project succeeding.  The themes
there are far beyond what I can find on the rest of the internet and really
create a very professional look and feel.  The recent updates to Greybird
using GTK3 are very very cool.  However the Icon set default NEEDS to be
Faenza http://goo.gl/cZ6Vb to really make themes like Greybird come to
life.  There also needs to be a light theme from Shimmer project that
matches stock Ubuntu theme of Radiance so basically to port the Radiance
theme from Unity over to Xubuntu.  The Xubuntu needs to have Greybird,
Radiance and Albatross be the default themes with Faenza the default icons.

2. Wallpapers & lightdm-gtk-greeter:

One of the most annoying things is that when I change the wallpaper for the
XFCE desktop it does not automatically update the wallpaper for the
'lightdm-gtk-greeter' login screen.   In Unity when I change me wallpaper
the login screen automatically changes the desktop wallpaper to match that.
 In Xubuntu I have to find some "hidden" setting and then when it is set it
never looks right.  There should be at least a small menu in the Settings
Manager that allows for the user to change their "login screen"
lightdm-gtk-greeter wallpaper and an option to "match my desktop
background" to auto-change it for the user.  Read the website "Webupd8"
http://goo.gl/LTHC1 and see how complicated it is to change the gtk greeter

Thank you all for your efforts as Xubuntu an amazing distro and my favorite
of the Ubuntu family...
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