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Jackson Doak doak.jackson at
Sun Dec 2 19:39:47 UTC 2012

benedek, if we have the app finder pop-up from somewhere and display the
results as you type it will work a lot better and give
more consistency through the *buntu's

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 6:34 AM, Benedek Imre <nucleo at> wrote:

> **
> I absolutely agree with Jackson and Eero - the lockscreen graphic is
> really very awful.
> Moreover some screensavers use it - I'm fleeing in panic from these ones.
> Is it a simple picture file somewhere in the system directories what we
> could change?
> What do You think about these (from my earlier post):
> 1. It's very embarassing Xubuntu has very few wallpapers by default. But
> it's a good opportunity to express the uniqueness. More Linux news portal
> (OMGUbuntu, Webupd8) talk about the prereleased wallpapers of new releases
> - it's no accident: Xubuntu can get more publicity this way. It could be
> put to tender for designers and photographers to create wallpapers
> (deviantart is a good place to do it) for Xubuntu, and place them in the
> final release based on the votes of the community.
> 2. There should be a unique main menu based on Application Finder (Xfce's
> menu is obsolete and boring) - look at the success of Mint menu; it's the
> 'trademark' of LinuxMint.
> *("AG Restringere wrote:
> Xubuntu team could create a very beautiful plugin front-end for "xfrun4"
> that could become the new application menu or it could be merged together.
> In this way the user no longer goes to a drop down but hits a hotkey like
> '<Control>Super_L' that pops open the 'xfrun4' drop down but it is attached
> to the panel.  The experience would be similar to the mintMenu or the
> "spotlight" application and file search dialog found on Mac OS.")*
> 3. In the main menu: why the 'About' menuitem is 'About Xfce' and not
> 'About Xubuntu'? Why the Xubuntu tab is only the 3rd one and not the 1st?
> Why is there an Xfce and not a Xubuntu logo? (Only in a Xubuntu session of
> course...)
> 4. Use a unique window style (theme) with a much more wider window border:
> I hate it's very hard to resize a window (actually I can do it only with
> ALT+rightclick: it's not laptop friendly).
> 5. There could be a Conky with a stylish theme running by default.
> Cheers, Imre
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