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Xubuntu Mailing List,

After reading some comments on this mailing list I decided to do a
feasibility experiment by running the Linux Mint "mintMenu" application
menu in Xubuntu 12.04 instead of the standard XFCE "xfce4-application-menu"
drop down menu.  In my honest opinion the ONLY really innovative thing that
Linux Mint has provided is this "mint start" menu design.  Xubuntu does
everything else in a far surperior fashion than the Linux Mint XFCE spin
and is much higher quality.  This is why I will never ever use the full
Linux Mint distro is because Xubuntu provides much higher quality
applications and is better integrated with standard Canonical Ubuntu which
I think is #1 most important aspect of an Ubuntu variant.

When the "mintMenu" is integrated with Xubuntu it makes for a fast, speedy
and incredible user experience.  The mintMenu is a much better way of
accessing applications then the "xfce4-application-menu" because it
combines a drop down, application search (like xfrun4) and favorites.  If
only it could be packaged with the Xubuntu installation at least as an
optional panel item I think the mintMenu would make more sense than the
drop down.  After using mintMenu Now accessing programs is as simple as
hitting the <Control>Super_L key and I can instantly search all of my
programs and get to them instantly.  I have never worked this fast before
using 'xfce4-application-menu' and 'xfrun4' separately as two different

Alternative to mintMenu is "xfrun4" panel plugin:

Xubuntu team could create a very beautiful plugin front-end for "xfrun4"
that could become the new application menu or it could be merged together.
 In this way the user no longer goes to a drop down but hits a hotkey like
'<Control>Super_L' that pops open the 'xfrun4' drop down but it is attached
to the panel.  The experience would be similar to the mintMenu or the
"spotlight" application and file search dialog found on Mac OS.

Site reference
Linux Mint XFCE:
Mac OS spotlight:
Windows 7 Start Menu:

Is this feasible or possible?  What are your thoughts, feedback and
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