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On Dec 1, 2012 9:27 PM, "Santiago Roland" <sroland at lavabit.com> wrote:
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> I didn't know about the license of VLC, i thought it was open-source,
The included codecs are not, nor are they likely ever to be opensource...
vlc is one of the first things I install. The ui is arguably not for mass
appeal. I use it as a general media player. Feel free and contact the
owners of the included codecs and ask them about open sourcing the products
they create/maintain...
> anyway we lack a good video player for ubuntoos and that is a hard fact.
> About the dark theme: Yes it is not that dark, but is not light. The
> terminal is black with background gray, come on! Like android
> interface? the best interfase whatsoever? android is a tablet
> interfase designed for short period operations. You can navigate for
> hours, but you would not be using the dark interfase, you would be
> using the website interfase, dark intersafe works for 15 minutes with
> your friends, but for working stations and desktops the light color
> scheme is far better, you can read better, your eyes rest better even
> the response times for visual searching are lesser with light color
> schemes (less milliseconds), search for my mail several months ago
> about that. Even more! One of the studies i cited, stated that the
> best color scheme is black text over subtle grey, guess what color
> scheme the macs have? They are not stupid, they have all figured out.
> About the music player: It is difficult to integrate with XFCE because
> is a GNOME app? it seems very integrated to me, i have my notification
> area icon and works very well. If it is about performance, lets run
> mp3 through terminal and say no more. Banshee allows to have internet
> radios, find duplicates for files, and tag information fix tool that
> is great and it downloads artwork, searching tool is fast and it never
> crashes. Performance? there are other things besides performance,
> banshee is intuitive and it looks very good to the noob.
> About the File Manager: Nobody said nothing about the file manager
> (you guys use terminal for copying? haha, sometimes i do, ok), anyway
> i think it is in crisis for a long time. Nautilus is the only that
> could handle improvements. Lets get real, i love thunar. it's fast,
> but cannot eject pendrives without giving errors and messages saying
> that a job is pending or the device is busy. You do not see that in
> macOS or even Windows. Why is this a problem in Linux? When you are in
> a hurry and you need just eject the thumb, there is always an error.
> That scares many people away. Tabs, and the ability for right click
> and query "properties" for many folders is a big miss, and there is a
> big miss to not have a encrypt/decrypt file. In this days
> encrypt/decrypt files is important and common like compress/decompress
> files.
> I have to say that i'm obviously not a developer, but i'm a very
> skilled user of linux for many years. You guys must know that XFCE is
> a DE with one of the highest performance/usability relation, and for
> that you have to keep the usability value very much.
> I see arguments about LibreOffice and stuff. Someone said "Libreoffice
> is slow". So, tell me how i'm i suppose to have a libreoffice
> replacement or an openoffice replacement or office suite that does not
> get slow? Every suite is slow! Abiword and Gnumeric are great, but
> they are not an office suite! So by adding of libreoffice i think
> Xubuntu would improve the usability very much and it would be a
> serious possibility of installation by many people. Look at the
> example of thunderbird! it is a great app! but it is a quite slow for
> a P3 whatsoever. But it supports openPGP and so many things that make
> Xubuntu very good by having thunderbird by default, and quite the same
> for Firefox.
> Somebody said recently something that there would be great a cheese
> like app in Xubuntu, that's it! It seems to me that we are at war with
> the DVD. I think that if a machine is 10 years old Xubuntu is not
> good, maybe DSL or puppy, just like that. Xubuntu should focus for P4
> and up but that's a different discussion. Software code and libs and
> features increases and maybe a DVD is better, it makes Xubuntu
> complete out of the box. Maybe you can try booting with usb thumb if
> you do not have a CD, or make a Xubuntu alternate or mini version w/o
> many apps that fit the CD.
> And remember that with time, there were some other derivatives of
> ubuntu that make the job better than Xubuntu, like Lubuntu using LXDE.
> Best regards,
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