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Santiago Roland sroland at lavabit.com
Sun Dec 2 02:26:30 UTC 2012

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I didn't know about the license of VLC, i thought it was open-source,
anyway we lack a good video player for ubuntoos and that is a hard fact.

About the dark theme: Yes it is not that dark, but is not light. The
terminal is black with background gray, come on! Like android
interface? the best interfase whatsoever? android is a tablet
interfase designed for short period operations. You can navigate for
hours, but you would not be using the dark interfase, you would be
using the website interfase, dark intersafe works for 15 minutes with
your friends, but for working stations and desktops the light color
scheme is far better, you can read better, your eyes rest better even
the response times for visual searching are lesser with light color
schemes (less milliseconds), search for my mail several months ago
about that. Even more! One of the studies i cited, stated that the
best color scheme is black text over subtle grey, guess what color
scheme the macs have? They are not stupid, they have all figured out.

About the music player: It is difficult to integrate with XFCE because
is a GNOME app? it seems very integrated to me, i have my notification
area icon and works very well. If it is about performance, lets run
mp3 through terminal and say no more. Banshee allows to have internet
radios, find duplicates for files, and tag information fix tool that
is great and it downloads artwork, searching tool is fast and it never
crashes. Performance? there are other things besides performance,
banshee is intuitive and it looks very good to the noob.

About the File Manager: Nobody said nothing about the file manager
(you guys use terminal for copying? haha, sometimes i do, ok), anyway
i think it is in crisis for a long time. Nautilus is the only that
could handle improvements. Lets get real, i love thunar. it's fast,
but cannot eject pendrives without giving errors and messages saying
that a job is pending or the device is busy. You do not see that in
macOS or even Windows. Why is this a problem in Linux? When you are in
a hurry and you need just eject the thumb, there is always an error.
That scares many people away. Tabs, and the ability for right click
and query "properties" for many folders is a big miss, and there is a
big miss to not have a encrypt/decrypt file. In this days
encrypt/decrypt files is important and common like compress/decompress

I have to say that i'm obviously not a developer, but i'm a very
skilled user of linux for many years. You guys must know that XFCE is
a DE with one of the highest performance/usability relation, and for
that you have to keep the usability value very much.

I see arguments about LibreOffice and stuff. Someone said "Libreoffice
is slow". So, tell me how i'm i suppose to have a libreoffice
replacement or an openoffice replacement or office suite that does not
get slow? Every suite is slow! Abiword and Gnumeric are great, but
they are not an office suite! So by adding of libreoffice i think
Xubuntu would improve the usability very much and it would be a
serious possibility of installation by many people. Look at the
example of thunderbird! it is a great app! but it is a quite slow for
a P3 whatsoever. But it supports openPGP and so many things that make
Xubuntu very good by having thunderbird by default, and quite the same
for Firefox.

Somebody said recently something that there would be great a cheese
like app in Xubuntu, that's it! It seems to me that we are at war with
the DVD. I think that if a machine is 10 years old Xubuntu is not
good, maybe DSL or puppy, just like that. Xubuntu should focus for P4
and up but that's a different discussion. Software code and libs and
features increases and maybe a DVD is better, it makes Xubuntu
complete out of the box. Maybe you can try booting with usb thumb if
you do not have a CD, or make a Xubuntu alternate or mini version w/o
many apps that fit the CD.

And remember that with time, there were some other derivatives of
ubuntu that make the job better than Xubuntu, like Lubuntu using LXDE.

Best regards,

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