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Wed Aug 29 11:40:10 UTC 2012

On 08/29/2012 06:56 AM, Rich Dennis wrote:
> On 08/29/2012 01:37 AM, Pasi Lallinaho wrote:
>> On 08/29/2012 01:35 AM, Rich Dennis wrote:
>>> Went on #xubuntu-devel this morning. Don't think that I have what it 
>>> takes to do Docbook rewrites, but if you need any writers or grammar 
>>> editors, I would very much like to contribute.
>>> Thanks. rd - amerigena
>> Help with writing and that stuff is welcome too! See the first part 
>> of my last mail [1] for a quick introduction to the current situation 
>> and you are ready to start working.
>> Cheers,
>> Pasi
>> [1] 
>> -- 
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>> Leader of Shimmer Project and Xubuntu       »
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> Thank you. Got started last night on the Network -> Troubleshooting 
> section of the wiki.
> Didn't make too many changes - thought that I'd start slow and make 
> sure that they're acceptable.
> Thanks for getting back to me.
> amerigena

Thanks for joining the effort. You picked a good place to start! :-) I 
just want to give you and others a heads up about that section and two 
others under Section 5: Connecting and Home Networks.  Those sections in 
the 11.10 offline documentation had a lot of embedded links and other 
special stuff that the wiki did not like.  When I tried copying them to 
the wiki, I kept getting "unhandled exception" errors.  It took so long 
to find the offending parts of the documents that I gave up and copied 
them over as plain text.  That means those three sections are going to 
require a lot more work than all the others.  First, they need to be 
completely reformatted; and second, they are long and have a lot of 
specific instructions that will need to be checked to see if they are 
still accurate or relevant in Quantal.

Those sections need so much work that I'm afraid they might hold the 
whole project up. If anyone else knows a better way of attacking them, 
even starting from scratch or figuring out how to copy the formatted 
text over again without errors, feel free.

I gather that the goal of this rewrite is to streamline and simplify the 
old documentation.  My approach (I signed up as a Writer and Grammar 
Checker, not a Technical Editor) has been to copy over the old 
documents, check them for accuracy against the Quantal changes, reword 
and reformat as necessary and then leave it up to the Technical Editors 
and project leads to decide what they want to rearrange and/or strip out.

That's why I see those sections taking so much work. Somebody else might 
want to take a different approach.

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