Bug report for Quantal

Scott Moore scottbomb at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 29 05:10:26 UTC 2012

Fresh install on an Intel x86 box.

Installed Samba. While creating a share with the Samba Server Config Tool 
1.2.63, I cannot add authorized users. I use this same GUI config tool on 
other Xubuntu (Precise) machines with no problem.

gvfs-fuse and gvfs-backends (along with their dependencies) are installed 
but I don't have the Network icon in Thunar to browse the network shares.

System can shut down but will not reboot; hangs at  "Will not restart". This 
machine dual-boots with Windows which is able to reboot the computer so this 
does not appear to be a hardware problem unless it's an issue with this 
particular brand. It's an eMachines T4010. It's NOT my main machine - hell 
no! It's used only for testing Xubuntu and Win XP sessions.

Scott M.
Dallas, TX 

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