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Bruno Benitez gridcube at
Tue Aug 28 13:22:04 UTC 2012

It is starting to be clear that the decision of the core Ubuntu developers
is to drop support of GTK2 stuff and go full to GTK3, this will cause a
huge conflict between the Xfce developers to stick to GTK2.

Problems will start to arose soon, maybe not in this cycle, but very
probably in the next one.

If Xubuntu plans to be a chosen option in the near future, if it plans to
follow and gain some of the mainbuntu followers, we need to take a stand
and chose, now, what kind of distro we want to be.

I am not a developer, I just go around bothering some people and helping
some other. I come from a place where I firstly chose Xubuntu because my
old machine would not boot any other usable OS. So this is actually a very
hard decision for me, because the "its good for old specs" was what hooked
me up to it.

But things change and we need to move with the times. I think that if
mainbuntu is moving on, and if we want to keep a pace with them, while not
having so many developers to work with, we can not lose time with problems
related to something we sadly are not aiming anymore.

I think we should drop alternate ISOs and work toward making a better
overall experience with Xubuntu.

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