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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Tue Aug 28 01:15:36 UTC 2012

Hello Xubuntu developers,

Based on the original mail [1] by Steve Langasek, we have discussed
dropping/keeping alternate ISOs today. Pros and cons for dropping are
listed below, please reply if you have other things in mind.

 - Less testing
 - Less fixing broken alternate ISO (since Ubuntu will drop alternate,
it will probably break as often or more often than now)
 - Optimal time to drop! (release after LTS, people who want alternate
can always use 12.04 until April 2014 and then upgrade...)

 - No RAID for 12.10 with desktop (but LVM/cryptsetup should work in
Quantal desktop ISOs)
 - If graphical installer doesn't work, you have to use minimal [2] or
other options (like netboot) [3]
 - No LTSP
 - Can't install with desktop with less memory (see: notice about SD)

Other things worth mentioning are:
 - Our Strategy Document doesn't imply we are targetting old computers
 - We need to write a tutorial for using minimal (+apt-offline)
 - We can create xubuntu-core (ala lubuntu-core) for less downloading stuff



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