Documentation / Docbook experts/editors, where art thou?

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Tue Aug 28 00:59:36 UTC 2012


The documentation rewriting is coming along slowly but rather steadily.
There's a lot to be done, so everybody who is able to help, please
navigate to the documentation wiki [1] and start working.

A few words before that, though: the sections with *bolded* titles are
"signed off" or as you might say, ready to publish. No need to touch
those. The sections that have been -striked- out will be either left out
or are already grouped under other pages. No need to touch those either.
The rest of the pages are still to be written, to be reviewed and such.
If something isn't up-to-date, if something doesn't exist or if you
think you can say something much shorter and better – feel free to go
ahead and edit!

Oh, and one more thing. We encourage you to register to the wiki so we
can follow who did what a bit better. Not to say we are watching if you
make mistakes.

Also, at this stage, we'd like the ones in the Docbook editors group to
step up now. Boldly, please. You can reply to this mail too, but please
join #xubuntu-devel, say "hi, my name is [nomen] i've signed up as a
docbook editor" (even those who haven't signed up can say that too, we
won't tell anybody!) and try to hang out there as much as possible so we
can get a hold of you, and talk. It's OK if you don't know anything
about Docbook. Just come hang around and we'll see what we can do. But
please take action as soon as possible – the documentation string freeze
is around the corner soon too!



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