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Wed Aug 1 20:10:41 UTC 2012

Hello Xubuntu documentation enthusiasts!

It's time for the next step in the documentation rewrite. Those who
signed up as *Writers*or *Technical Editors*, it's time for you to
shine! Soon, *Grammar Editors*can chime in too!

There are few things we need to get sorted out next. These are listed
underneath. The roles in the parenthesis mean the primary groups that
should undertake these tasks, but you can help out even if you didn't
list in that group too.

What we need to do now is:
-- Copy the current documentation to the wiki (Everybody, where applicable)
-- Review the documentation structure (Technical Editors)
   -- Is the documentation structure good, or should we reorganize?
(Technical Editors)
   --Do we have any redundant information in the documentation?
(Technical Editors)
   --Should we add something else to the documentation? (Technical Editors)
-- Does the documentation match the current state or applications?
(Technical Editors)
   --If not; rewrite the section and once the sections are rewritten,
check them for grammar errors (Writers, Grammar Editors)
   --If yes; make sure it's clearly written and check for possible
grammar errors (Grammar Editors)

We have put together a temporary wiki for this work to be done on here: We've set up a few sections as
examples on how to add the content to the wiki. Follow the examples, or
if you think you can do it better, feel free to!

Please don't beshy about starting edits, but keep in mind that this is
collaborative so you will want to coordinate with other documentation
writers on the xubuntu-devel mailing list when discussing deletions or
major changes to sections. You may also consider splitting up
"ownership" of the sections so only one person is working on them at
once, that's up to you --the docs team!

The original documentation can be found in Docbook format at for those who want to
learn Docbook -- those who signed up as Docbook Editors). If you're
scared of Docbook, you can also use the offline menu in your
installation; just navigatie to Help in the applications menuand it will
bring up the documentation in a web browser.

Finally, please note that Xubuntu does not currently have Documentation
Lead, which means we're feeling our way here and just beginning to build
upwhat the documentationinfrastructure and the conventions are.
Suggestions welcome!(Eventually, we might pick a Documentation Lead if
there is people willing and able to take that position.)

However, if any kind of questions or disputes arise, you are very
welcome to send email to the xubuntu-devel mailing list. Ultimately,
there are two people resolving disputes and other issues; Pasi
Lallinaho, the Project Lead and Elizabeth Krumbach, the Marketing Lead.

Please note that it's summer time in the northern hemisphere so we have
a lot of project members traveling and generally just having holidays in
the coming weeks and we don't want anyone feeling held up because they
didn't get a response.


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