Excessive swapping with 1GB of memory - UBUNTU 12.04 daily build

Gustavo R Leal gustavo.leal at yahoo.com.br
Wed Apr 25 21:06:04 UTC 2012

>That makes the dirty_ratio even higher than when on battery.  The 

>purpose of tuning these is to allow a laptop on battery to be more 
>aggressive about keeping dirty pages in the cache and letting the disk 
>stay asleep.  Normally you want dirty pages to be flushed to disk fairly 

>I'm curious if the normal value of 5 for background ratio but just 
>increasing dirty_ratio to 20 or 25 would have a similar effect on your 
>performance trouble without going to an excess.

>Also if anything, increasing dirty_ratio should make swapping worse, not 
>better, since more ram will be tied up in dirty cache pages.  Are you 
>sure you have a problem with swapping and not just applications blocking 
>while writing data to disk?

You're right. I was playing with vfs_cache_pressure too and forgot to return it to default value of 100. That's what probably did the trick.
Anyway changing vfs_cache_pressure to 700 made 12.04 stop trashing with just a few large applications open (Ubuntu Software Center apears to be very resource intensive).
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