Default applications and volume icon

Tim H. tim at
Tue Oct 4 02:14:00 UTC 2011

> Hi,
> I installed beta 2 a few weeks ago (via dist-upgrading since grub2
> seemed to be broken) and everything looks beautiful. One problem I'm
> having is that although chromium is the default application (both with
> xfce's settings manager and x-www-browser and gnome-www-browser) but
> whenever I click on a link in either gwibber or thunderbird, it opens
> firefox.

This problem has long shown its face in my application.  It seems the 
chrome launcher does not have support for Thunderbird.  The fix is 
tedious and I am yet to get it to work.  Perhaps the devs put this in 
place since they realized this themselves.

> The other problem may be an ubuntu problem in general but the mouse
> wheel while hovering over the volume icon no longer changes the volume.

Noticed this too.  I chalk it up to a new audio applet, which seems to 
actually be part of the "notifications" if I'm not mistaken.  Likely why 
middle rolls do not work.


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