Xfce most popular Ubuntu desktop after only Unity and GNOME-shell

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Sun Nov 20 15:39:49 UTC 2011



Of course, one could note that, as an Ubuntu-oriented blog, it is more
relevant to Xubuntu users than to Kubuntu users (seeing how most of the
apps and themes featured there work better in Xubuntu than Kubuntu).
Furthermore, one could note that it is not a battle and that the goal of
Xubuntu/Xfce is not to steal users from other open source desktops, but to
provide the best experience for people aligned with Xfce/Xubuntu's vision.

However, one could also choose to ignore all that and take pride in the
fact that Xfce and Xubuntu are a popular choice among 8% of OMG! Ubuntu
readers. Good job folks!

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