Xubuntu Studio. Well, kinda. Ubuntu Studio re-basing to XFCE

C K coryisatm at ubuntu.com
Fri May 13 16:54:37 UTC 2011

Hello. My name is Cory Kontros. I am the former creator/lead for
Ubuntu Studio until 10.10. I have stepped back in for this release to
help with a major transition underway over in our camp.

One of those changes being our move to XFCE. We do not feel Unity nor
GNOME-Shell fit our target audience or intended workflow.

That said, I'm sending this email in hopes of establishing a
relationship where I can better understand how XFCE's packaging in
Ubuntu works. We plan on having a very different default setup than
Xubuntu (which totally rocks now BTW) and it would be great to get
questions here and there answered. I have grabbed the
xubuntu-default-settings package to tinker with to get familiar.

Thank you for your time.

-Cory K.

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