Congratulations on 11.04--greybird theme - love it!

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at
Tue May 3 09:34:07 UTC 2011

> Simon
> What i liked particularly was how it seemed to be so professional in
> comparison with others. I'm afraid i didn't like the black and blue of
> before but when i changed to Clearlooks and another wallpaper it just
> didn't look so neat. Hope the grey remains. [But again each to their
> own - many didn't like the Ubuntu brown... i liked it with the Firefox
> Walnut theme looked neat together - but now i'm no longer a Ubuntu
> user].

Yes, obviously certain things (such as colors) are really subjective and individual. I for one never liked the ubuntu-brown (actually in wharty i still liked it :) ).
I think (and hope) that we will simply polish the current theme more for the next release, the reviews and feedback have been very positive so far.

> Once i've got through this summer i hope to help with xubuntu
> development - hopefully with manual writing. I look after my mother
> with Alzheimers and have a lot to do while the weather is good but in
> autumn i'll have some spare time.

Would be great if you could help out there - just get in touch!
All the best

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