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Wed Jun 8 10:26:20 UTC 2011

rm -r .cache/sessions/

I don't know why but on Natty, it crashes like that fairly frequently on
my desktop.

On 06/05/2011 09:01 PM, khaz wrote:
> Hallo.
> I have become truly worried with what happened to xubuntu. Today windows
> lost title bars and every decoration. It is also hard to switch between
> running application, because Alt + Tab does not work. In no time this
> fast and efficient distribution became disabled worse than me. (I
> switched for xubuntu after using ubuntu for some years and latest
> 'upgrades'.)
> I wasn't waiting long to start fixing it. I looked through a few
> post/solutions, changed /etc/xorg.conf file twice to get no visible
> result.
> That is why I would like to ask a question when these changes will be
> fixed; or maybe it is a hint to switch again to another distribution?
> (After radical improvements of ubuntu I tried Fedora 15, Mint Katya and
> ended up with xubuntu, happy till the afternoon.) Maybe Debian will stay
> without these excellent improvements and will remain usable.
> If the upgrade of this problem is beyond Canonical I would like to ask
> for a solution. I am really tired of looking through dozens of
> good-for-nothing so called solutions. (I have just found out that
> Firefox though without decorations and title bar, still allows me to
> open a new tab with the '+' button.)
> It is really sad to look at truly efficient and fast Linux distribution
> so horribly mutilated. It was really responsive, fast and efficient. I
> was amazed and pleasantly surprised.
> I am looking forward to hearing from you,
> Sebastian Kazimierski.
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