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On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 9:27 PM, Pasi Lallinaho <pasi at>wrote:

> gmusicbrowser *can* point to an app which can rip a CD. Go to the settings
> menu from the right top button, then select tab "Plugins" and enable "rip".
> Afaik, sound-juicer should be installed by default. (Charlie? Lionel?)
Somehow i have missed that and didn't see it. As i told before, i'm still
trying to figure gmusicbrowser out because it's a new one for me. Thanks for
pointing me in the right direction.
Looking into that showed me there were also three other options: custom,
Grip and Xcfa. Never tried Grip or Xcfa before but trying out stuff is
always fun.

I'm thinking and looking forward to see it "working" OOTB in Oneiric and the
future releases of Xubuntu, especially in the next upcomming LTS release.
Users should be able to import their cd's right away after the install
without any hassle.

On my own experience sound-juicer can't, for some reason, recognize most of
> the discs any more.
> On the other hand, the version of asunder in Natty doesn't have the option
> to input a *year* for the album (only automatic D/L from cdbs server adds
> the year, and that fails badly if the album is not on cdbs, and you get an
> another album info or no album info at all (year 0), which is again more
> work for you, even if the ripper *really* should handle that). I read that
> this has been fixed in later versions. The other thing I don't like about
> Asunder is that it *forces* a genre for an album.
I tried Asunder for the first time and used it the last couple of days and
for my experience it worked great and got me every album info of 43 cd's i
imported/ripped. In Banshee and Rhythmbox i had a harder time with many CD's
because they where not in the CDdatabase server.
There are more apps to try and see which one is the best and fits the needs.

I also read in the other mails that there might be some changes/improvements
to come to the gmusicbrowser. That's great and i'm looking forward to it. :)

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