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> The time is now.
> The place is here.
> It involves all of us.
> We use two panels in Xubuntu. In Natty, using Xfce 4.8, we put the top
> panel to use more, and created a second, auto-hiding panel on the
> bottom with the most used launchers. We would like to know what, if
> anything, the users would change about these panels.
> Some of the questions we would like answered:
> 1. Are the colors good?
> 2. What launchers would you like added or removed?
> 3. Are any panel applets missing?
> 4. Are there too many panel applets?
> 5. Anything you would like to add?
> We are looking for constructive criticism to make Oneiric's panels
> easier to use. Please give us your opinions and changes.
> Thanks to all the Xubuntu users. We do value your comments.
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I would like to say how i do things, that won't really mean it's how it
should be done or anything, its just my experience using menus and as such i
guess its a simple opinion.

When I install xubuntu, the very first thing I do is to change the panels, L
place the Menu panel, the one whit the "Start Menu", at the bottom and
change it to actually show "Start" instead of only the Xubuntu logo, I know
thats a very windowslike thing to do, but a lot of people who uses my
computer comes from that world, and it just work.

Then i add an autohidable panel on top, one that has expandable size and i
center it. why? because if its centered and don't use the whole space when I
have Maximazed windows and i want to Iconize them, or Close or what ever,
that Panel wont interfere whit that desired action, actually this is the
main reason why I always change the Start Menu Panel to the bottom, so it
wont interfere whit the window managing(?) icons ( _ [] X).

In this top panel i like to have a launcher for:

Internet (a firefox and a chromium launcher as of today)
IM (an expandable box whit emesene, empathy and xchat launchers)
Music (exaile, decibel-audio-player and audacious)
Editors (Abiword, Audacious, Inkscape, Irfanview(trough wine))

And then a few folder launchers, my /home, the /mnt/hd and two other folders
for mine and my brothers particular folders, and the trashbin.

I don't know if this helps or not but thats it.

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