Replacing GIMP

Cory K. coryisatm at
Sun Jul 24 15:45:03 UTC 2011

Since Studio keeps getting mentioned, I'll chime in.

We (Studio) are switching to *XFCE*. Not so much Xubuntu. (though I
know that was the wording) We just needed 1 pkg from Xubuntu to figure
out settings.

GIMP, while a great editor, can be a bit daunting. While it stung at
first, (because I love the app) I understand Ubuntu's rationale for
dropping it from default and would see how that would work for Xubuntu
as well.

Asking users to install "ubuntustudio-graphics" I would not say is a
great alternative. It pulls in alot of applications that your average
user might not want. It (ubuntustudio-graphics) is tailored to a
specific audience. *If* an alternative editor is chosen as default for
Xubuntu, and a user needs something more, it's just as easy to
recommend GIMP by itself.

PS: I used the wrong addy on my 1st email so it bounced. Please disregard.
-Cory K.
 Ubuntu Studio dev

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