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Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 19 05:10:40 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Phil Whitaker
<xubuntu-devel at beardygnome.co.uk> wrote:
> Following on from the request in the weekly meeting, I have the following
> comments on the current website:
> I found no mention of the fact that Xubuntu is derived from Ubuntu (just one
> mention that it uses the "Ubuntu-base"), so the references to Ubuntu
> websites, wkis and forums probably confuses people unfamiliar with Linux or
> Ubuntu.

What do we think about changing:

Xubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system


Xubuntu is a community developed, Ubuntu Linux-based operating system

> Latest News sidebar
> This seems a little sparse, could we pull in news from Xfce here?
> Home Page (http://xubuntu.org/)

I'll let others chime in here, but we also want to start adding more
blog-type posts. I'm not sure about automatically pulling news in just
because it may not be applicable to current Xubuntu releases at any
given moment and could confuse people.

> "Xubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is
> perfect for laptops, desktops and servers":  I'm not sure about the wording
> here, I propose "... that is well suited to both laptops and desktops" or
> something similar.  To my mind, a server would not have a desktop
> environment, so that make would Xubuntu Server the same as Ubuntu Server,
> plus I don't like the use of "perfect".

I agree, and it turns out that the Xubuntu project doesn't *have*
server ISOs like Ubuntu does, just desktop and alternate. I've gone
ahead and made this change except I believe it's "well-suited for"
rather than "to" because as I understand it "to" should be related to
a verb and "for" to a noun (any grammar people can chime in now, I
just asked the Internet for guidance here).

> About (http://xubuntu.org/about)
> We repeat the above statement in paragraph 1, without mentioning servers,
> but in paragraph 3, we state "We issue a new desktop and server release
> every six months"; again, I would suggest "... well suited for both laptops
> and desktops" for paragraph 1 and "We issue a new Xubuntu release every six
> months" for paragraph 3.

Agreed, changed.

> Help and Support (http://xubuntu.org/help)
> In the Internet Relay Chat section, it states "IRC is considered another
> Internet technology just like FTP, Telnet and the Web"; IRC is another
> internet technology and the reference to Telnet is antiquated (IMO).  How
> about "IRC is another Internet technology, just like FTP and the Web"?

Sounds good, done.

> At the end of the section, I think we should state that "Although there may
> appear to be lots of people in the chat room, they may not be at their
> computers at the time; some people leave themselves logged in so they can
> review any questions when they get back.  Please don't be put off if you
> don't get a reply straight away."  I found this the most confusing thing
> when I first started using IRC.

Good point, and your wording is positive enough that I don't think
it'll discourage people from trying IRC. I've added it.

> In the Commercial Support section, it states "Xubuntu users around the world
> tell us that support and administration expertise are critical in ensuring
> the success of their Ubuntu deployments".  Should this be "Xubuntu
> deployments"?

Probably :) Fixed.

> Get Involved (http://xubuntu.org/devel)
> In the Ideas and Feeback section, it says "Help steer the direction we take
> Ubuntu, by describing your vision and ideas for a better server and desktop
> OS and application stack."  I think this should say Xubuntu and not mention
> servers (see comments above).  Also, application stack is quite a technical
> term, so how about "... for a better OS and applications"?

I think you're right, I've changed it to:

"Help steer the direction we take Xubuntu, by describing your vision
and ideas for a better OS and default set of applications."

>  Get Xubuntu (http://xubuntu.org/getubuntu)
> Firstly, the link to this page isn't the best - can't it be /getxubuntu
> instead?

Wow, I didn't even notice that! But I think we'll hold off on fixing
that until we migrate to Wordpress so we don't need to set up
redirects that we'll just have to set up again in a month.

> In the Upgrading section, the instructions in Step 1 for accessing the
> Software Sources are no longer valid.  I believe "Applications -> System ->
> Update Manager -> Settings" would work for all releases from 8.04 onwards (I
> haven't used anything prior to that).  As noted in the weekly meeting, the
> screenshots are out-of-date.

Everything beyond 8.04 is EOL anyway so we don't need to worry about
it. Fixed, and Unit193 got me screen shots tonight - hooray!

> In the Install Xubuntu from Ubuntu section, it states "Next time you login,
> you can choose Xfce4 from the Session menu on the login screen."  In 11.04
> it's "Xfce session", but you should actually choose "Xubuntu session".

I don't log in very often (I'm always logged in!) so I don't remember,
when was the change so we can word this correctly? Should we just
change it to say "Xubuntu session" or was there a time in supported
history when it was "Xfce session"?

> In the Dual Boot section, it states "Since Xubuntu shares the ubuntu-base";
> this should be "Since Xubuntu shares the Ubuntu-base".


> I hope to be able to review the team-specific pages this week.

Thanks again!

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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