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Phil Whitaker xubuntu-devel at beardygnome.co.uk
Mon Jul 18 00:57:33 UTC 2011

Following on from the request in the weekly meeting, I have the following
comments on the current website:

I found no mention of the fact that Xubuntu is derived from Ubuntu (just one
mention that it uses the "Ubuntu-base"), so the references to Ubuntu
websites, wkis and forums probably confuses people unfamiliar with Linux or

*Latest News sidebar*

This seems a little sparse, could we pull in news from Xfce here?

*Home Page (http://xubuntu.org/)*

"Xubuntu is a community developed, Linux-based operating system that is
perfect for laptops, desktops and servers":  I'm not sure about the wording
here, I propose "... that is well suited to both laptops and desktops" or
something similar.  To my mind, a server would not have a desktop
environment, so that make would Xubuntu Server the same as Ubuntu Server,
plus I don't like the use of "perfect".

*About (*http://xubuntu.org/about*)*

We repeat the above statement in paragraph 1, without mentioning servers,
but in paragraph 3, we state "We issue a new desktop and server release
every six months"; again, I would suggest "... well suited for both laptops
and desktops" for paragraph 1 and "We issue a new Xubuntu release every six
months" for paragraph 3.

*Help and Support (http://xubuntu.org/help)*
In the *Internet Relay Chat *section, it states "IRC is considered another
Internet technology just like FTP, Telnet and the Web"; IRC *is* another
internet technology and the reference to Telnet is antiquated (IMO).  How
about "IRC is another Internet technology, just like FTP and the Web"?

At the end of the section, I think we should state that "Although there may
appear to be lots of people in the chat room, they may not be at their
computers at the time; some people leave themselves logged in so they can
review any questions when they get back.  Please don't be put off if you
don't get a reply straight away."  I found this the most confusing thing
when I first started using IRC.

In the *Commercial Support* section, it states "Xubuntu users around the
world tell us that support and administration expertise are critical in
ensuring the success of their Ubuntu deployments".  Should this be "*X*ubuntu

*Get Involved (http://xubuntu.org/devel)*
In the *Ideas and Feeback* section, it says "Help steer the direction we
take Ubuntu, by describing your vision and ideas for a better server and
desktop OS and application stack."  I think this should say *X*ubuntu and
not mention servers (see comments above).  Also, application stack is quite
a technical term, so how about "... for a better OS and applications"?

 *Get Xubuntu (http://xubuntu.org/getubuntu)*
Firstly, the link to this page isn't the best - can't it be /get*x*ubuntu

In the *Upgrading* section, the instructions in Step 1 for accessing the
Software Sources are no longer valid.  I believe "Applications -> System ->
Update Manager -> Settings" would work for all releases from 8.04 onwards (I
haven't used anything prior to that).  As noted in the weekly meeting, the
screenshots are out-of-date.

In the *Install Xubuntu from Ubuntu* section, it states "Next time you
login, you can choose Xfce4 from the Session menu on the login screen."  In
11.04 it's "Xfce session", but you should actually choose "Xubuntu session".

In the *Dual Boot* section, it states "Since Xubuntu shares the
ubuntu-base"; this should be "Since Xubuntu shares the *U*buntu-base".

I hope to be able to review the team-specific pages this week.



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