Testing the ImgCapt WordPress plugin

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Mon Jul 4 20:47:37 UTC 2011

Hello adored mailing list recipients,

as promised in the Xubuntu developer meeting yesterday, I'm sending a mail
to invite anybody interested to test the newly created ImgCapt WordPress
plugin. To read more about what ImgCapt is, navigate to

We are planning to use this plugin in the new Xubuntu site, so we need to
make sure it works as it's supposed to. I also want to polish it to be as
easy as possible for the website editors. This is also why I am giving user
accounts from the Xubuntu developer list to people by request. Please send
me email with your *desired nick*, *email address* and *full name* and I'll
create you an account to the demo site.

Your full name won't be shown on the site for visitors or other users, this
setup is only because I want to know who is using an account on the site.
Also, please don't share your own account information with anyone else. They
can get their own account by request (and possibly some information about
themself) as well. Remember that getting an user account on the site is not
a right, it's a privilege. If you don't agree with the terms, then please
don't ask for an account. The plugin will be released publicly later, and
you can test it then.

Also, if you are good in WordPress and/or jQuery and are interested in going
through the plugin code, send email to me. I'll get back to you later, when
we have done some testing with the plugin first.


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