Xubuntu Community Meeting 2011-01-20 minutes

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Fri Jan 21 16:00:21 UTC 2011

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= 2011-01-20 Meeting Minutes =

== Old Business ==

 * Old business - all
    * pleia2 to check on converting website to new logo and icons - done
    * charlie-tca to get thorwil and ochosi together about artwork -
    * take the discussion about default launchers to the ML - done

== Team updates ==
=== Packaging & Development ===

 * Xfce 4.8 released on time
 * Xfce 4.8 is not available for Xubuntu 10.10(Maverick) and
   10.04(Lucid) at this time.
    * status of backport options is not known
    * There is a ppa for 4.8 in lucid. Status of this is unknown by
   those attending the meeting.

=== Bug Triage & Testing ===

 * We have kept the number of new bugs level this week.
 * The running Natty installs are working fine.

=== Website & Marketing ===

 * Suggestion from ochosi - it would be great if the first page would
   show the slideshow that is shown during installation.
 * We will need an announcement for alpha2 the 3rd of February.

=== Artwork ===

 * ochosi has done a lot of work on greybird
    * please take a look at them if you have time, and give some
    * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Natty
 * Greybird and elementary fonts are looking good
 * beardygnome is running Greybird on Maverick installs.

=== Documentation ===

 * as many people as possible need to review the latest docs in bzr
    * lp:xubuntu-docs is the lastest branch of the documentation

== Updates for Xubuntu 10.04.2 ==

 * The freeze for 10.04.2 is 2011-01-20

== Announcements ==

 * Next week we will have a vote for the Lead. 
 * Thanks to pleia2 for taking on the task of tracking the email votes
   and negative comments on it. 
== Any Other Business ==

 * Thunderbird 3.1.7 translations just uploaded to lucid-proposed, new
   translations for Gaelic, Galician, and Serbian will be in 10.04.2
 * Ubuntu User Days is coming Saturday January 29
    * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays
 * Next meeting is in one week, January 27, #ubuntu-meeting, at 19:00
 * Meeting log is available at

== Action items for the 2011-01-20 meeting ==

 * none

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