Greybird Theme & Elementary Icons

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at
Thu Jan 13 23:22:56 UTC 2011

> > That has fixed the issue, but there are a couple more I'd like to report.
> >  With the workspace pager applet, the selected workspace now shows up fine
> > and empty workspaces are also fine.  However, the colour used to show
> > windows on a non-selected workspace still matches the panel.  The attached
> > screen shot entitled Workspace Applet.png should show what I mean.
> okeydokey, i'll try to fix that asap as well :)

hmm, i tested the last revision of the theme in both maverick and natty and i can't reproduce the issue (see screenshot attached).
are you *sure* you're using the latest version of greybird?
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