Xubuntu Natty installation slideshow

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Fri Feb 25 22:33:19 UTC 2011


I just created a branch for the Xubuntu Natty Ubiquity slideshows at

If you want to test it right now, you should:
1) Install 'bzr' and 'ttf-droid' packages (if you don't have them)
2) 'bzr branch ~knome/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/xubuntu-natty'
3) Move to the directory created and run './test-slideshow.sh' and
select 'xubuntu' from the menu.

New layout for Xubuntu is included, but the content is still all old.

We've thought this kind of structure for the slideshow (still very much
work in progress):

1) Default Apps
   * FF & TB (those two can share a slide imo, no screenshots needed)
   * Gmusicbrowser
   * Abiword (& Gnumeric)

2) Panel Config, UI, new themes
   * Launcher panel
   * Open windows in top panel
   * New themes, new wallpaper...

Feel free to help out with the content and discuss about anything you'd
like to include (or remove, or change).

The idea is to produce an easily readable overview on Xubuntu. This
means no novels on the slides. Let's try to focus on descriptive

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