Xubuntu LTS proposal

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Thu Dec 8 18:47:21 UTC 2011

On 12/07/2011 01:27 PM, Micah Gersten wrote:
> So, as discussed around UDS time, we need to make an official request
> for Xubuntu to be labeled as an LTS release.
> Here are what I think we can sanely commit to:
> 3 yr LTS
> Milestone image testing i386/amd64 (including point release updates post
> release)
> Best effort High/Critical bug fixes
> Best effort security fixes for Xfce related packages
> This would be made easier if Xubuntu Precise would be aligned with
> Debian for their Wheezy release with the same base Xfce version.  With a
> proposed March 2012 release date for 4.10, it's possible that Debian
> could move to that release before their freeze during the summer.
> Comments?
> Thanks,
> Micah

This has a wikipage now for archiving purposes, at 

Feel free to add your comments to the wiki as well. It will be reviewed 
on our next community meeting where we will formally vote about using 
this plan or not.


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