Xubuntu's future

Marc Smith marc_smith at gmx.com
Mon Aug 29 20:01:30 UTC 2011


I just started to use Xubuntu 10.04 LTS as a replacement for Linux
Mint 9 LTS [based on the same code]. The reason for that is higher
modularization in Xubuntu [ability to remove some "core" software not
tied to the system, like Firefox].

The only thing that bothers me - beside questionable hardware support
from the newest *ubuntu versions - is the future of Xubuntu OS.
To be more precise, my qiestion is: will Xubuntu get Unity? I'm asking
because I escaped from all of these changes which newest Ubuntu has to
offer and I wouldn't like to see it comming to Xubuntu as I always
liked XFCE environment and my clients depend on this setup too, so I'm
just wondering if there's any way Xubuntu developers could assure
users that they won't add Unity and anything beside XFCE into the base
Xubuntu system ... ?
Can I feel safe and stick to Xubuntu knowing that it won't create any
problems and difficulties for me and my clients?

Best regards


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