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Fri Apr 29 21:57:20 UTC 2011

On 04/30/2011 12:47 AM, Glenn de Groot wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> great to see work on Oneiric is already getting started. :)
> I still have some ideas, here are a few:
> -Replace Gimp with Mtpaint/rgbpaint or Shotwell
> Gimp just takes a lot of space and is too advanced for the average user.
> I think following Ubuntu by picking Shotwell is the best idea.
This is a hard one. Apparently many people love that we ship Gimp as
default, even if it is advanced. (Also, many became angry with the
Ubuntu move to Shotwell.) Making most of the people happy with our
default application choices shouldn't be the main concern here
naturally, but on the other hand, we are still building the distribution
for the people, and if 90% them starts to cry if we don't ship Gimp in
the default set... Then maybe we should just keep it.

I've never used any of the other, so I don't really know how
advanced/limited those are, but I think that is the main point here. If
they are about right on the features for the average users, I think they
could be seriously thought as alternatives for the default image editing
software. If the features in those are too advanced as well, I think we
need to start doing benchmarks and see if there is a notable performance
difference between Gimp and the others.
> -Replace Vinagre with Remmina
> Remmina is smaller and supports more protocols. :)
I will try Remmina in the following days and post you some thoughts (if
I remember to do that :P).
> -Replace Gcalctool with Galculator
> Galculator is 1 mb smaller and they are both easy to use.
Okay for me.
> I hope you guys like my ideas and share yours as well. :)
> -Glenn
> > Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 12:31:41 -0600
> > From: cjk at
> > To: xubuntu-devel at
> > Subject: Ideas for Xubuntu Oneiric Ocelot
> >
> > In the interests of getting us going with the development of Xubuntu
> > Oneiric, I am giving a list of some goals we should consider. Feel free
> > to add to this list:
> >
> > lightdm - This will be a topic for UDS for Ubuntu, possibly to be used
> > in place of GDM, which would help us.
> >
> > Artwork and Themes - improve what we have in Xubuntu 11.04. This is a
> > great wallpaper and theme. Perhaps we can do some fine-tuning.
> >
> > midori - This does have the capability to import bookmarks now. I do
> > not know how well it works with multiple tabs.
> >
> > pastebinit - even though this is a command line application, we
> > recommend it in #xubuntu. It would be great to have it already
> > installed for the user.
> >
> > pavucontrol - Audio controls for pulse audio. Installation of this
> > resolves about 90% of the user audio/sound issues.
> >
> > This is by no means a complete list of things we have to do. It is
> > merely suggestions, to be looked into. If anyone has anything else we
> > want to look at, let's get it added. The earlier we can look into
> > stuff, the further ahead we get trying to make the release happen.
> >
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