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Fri Apr 29 21:43:58 UTC 2011

On 04/29/2011 09:37 PM, Larry Cafiero wrote:
> Charlie --
> Just an unsolicited observation from a long-time Xubuntu user, but one
> who (sadly) wishes he had more time to contribute to the success
> everyone here has garnered with this excellent distro.
Feel free to follow and also step up and contribute whenever you feel
like it, even if it was a tiny bit.
> I haven't even downloaded Natty, and you're already talking Oneric the
> day after Natty is released?
That's how it is in the open source community. Natty is now released and
Oneiric is the main focus now. It is not only a few days when there are
freezes for the release, so you need to start working on changes as soon
as possible. On the other hand, some of these items are something we've
thought for many releases already, and maybe we'll get one of them done
with each release, so it's not too bizarre to dream about those.
> You guys rock. Keep up the great work.
> Larry Cafiero
> On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 11:31 AM, Charlie Kravetz
> <cjk at> wrote:
>> In the interests of getting us going with the development of Xubuntu
>> Oneiric, I am giving a list of some goals we should consider. Feel free
>> to add to this list:
>> lightdm - This will be a topic for UDS for Ubuntu, possibly to be used
>> in place of GDM, which would help us.
If Ubuntu decides to switch to lightdm, it is self-evident that we
will/should follow. However, even if Ubuntu wanted to keep GDM, I agree
that we should investigate lightdm once again to see if it's stable
enough to use.
>> Artwork and Themes - improve what we have in Xubuntu 11.04. This is a
>> great wallpaper and theme. Perhaps we can do some fine-tuning.
I'm sure the theme will get some fine-tuning. We've found a tiny bug in
it already...

On a sidenote, we are also going to give Albatross a facelift, so maybe
we can tell we have two (or three) themes that could be considered as
'main options' in Oneiric.
>> midori - This does have the capability to import bookmarks now. I do
>> not know how well it works with multiple tabs.
Stableness is also very important with a web browser, so I think this
will need quite a lot of testing.

While we are at the web applications, we might as well reconsider
Thunderbird if Firefox is going to be dumped. Alternatives include
Claws-mail and Postler (which I personally didn't like at first try, but
you never know...)
>> pastebinit - even though this is a command line application, we
>> recommend it in #xubuntu. It would be great to have it already
>> installed for the user.
>> pavucontrol - Audio controls for pulse audio. Installation of this
>> resolves about 90% of the user audio/sound issues.
I agree on both pastebinit and pavucontrol. It is just a pain to tell so
many users in #xubuntu to install pavucontrol. I don't know where we are
recommending pastebinit (or if that was just a personal preference to
recommend it), but I agree that it would simplify giving user support.
>> This is by no means a complete list of things we have to do. It is
>> merely suggestions, to be looked into. If anyone has anything else we
>> want to look at, let's get it added. The earlier we can look into
>> stuff, the further ahead we get trying to make the release happen.
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