Attracting new contributors via blog articles

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Fri Apr 29 21:30:45 UTC 2011

While we are still waiting to get our hands dirty with the new website,
I think we should look towards the future already.

We are migrating to WordPress, which will amongst other things, give us
much freedom and choice in writing blog articles, and categorize them

In addition to the monthly or bi-weekly developer blog articles we
really should start writing articles that offer and describe some of the
"low-hanging fruit" jobs we have available in the community. For
example, we could write something like this:

        Want to be a Xubuntu website editor?

        Collaborate with the developer community to write news articles
and other current topics. Update the Xubuntu website and gain experience
on how to work in an open source community. Make a difference on how
Xubuntu is presented to people. Places open now. No previous experience
needed. Mentoring available.

Well obviously we need to do the website editing, even with these
articles, ourself before we get a website editor (or Vincent wakes up
from his daydreams ;)), but I think it is worth the effort. Just come up
with a nice title for a small task, and make people believe it is a task
worth doing, and that they can benefit from the task them self.

Again, any input is welcome.


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