Deactivate #xubuntu-offtopic for now

Pasi Lallinaho pasi at
Fri Apr 29 21:14:53 UTC 2011

As I suggested today in the developer IRC channel, I think we should
drop #xubuntu-offtopic for now. #xubuntu is quite relaxed already, and
it feels like hitting your face in the wall when telling people to join
the (almost) dead #xubuntu-offtopic.

Since the activity in #xubuntu is not huge, we might want to allow more
random chat in there, to attract more people. Of course, random chat
should be kept minimal when someone has a support issue, but based on my
experiences, it's really not a problem with the amount of activity we
are having.

While we would allow more random chatter, we should have at least some
lousyish guidelines on what is acceptable - maybe let the discussion
flow as long as it relates at least somehow to Xubuntu, or any of the
issues solved etc.

Of course, we still have the Code of Conduct, as well as the freenode
policy, which are good guidelines on what is acceptable altogether.

I don't know if the right way would be to "close" #xubuntu-offtopic or
just not point people there (in the topic, for example), but I can be in
contact with the #ubuntu-ops channel if we decide to do something about it.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Enjoy the new release,

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