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> We are in the process of testing the Release Candidate (RC) images for
> Maverick. This is the last chance to catch problems before the release
> of Xubuntu 10.10 on October 10, 2010. This RC image will be released on
> Thursday, 2010-09-30.
> Along with this RC image, we need to get our news releases ready. We
> will need to provide the website with an up-to-date
> article for both the release candidate and the final image. Since we
> only have a few days, this is a good time to get those articles ready.
> This has been a good development release with relatively few issues for
> Xubuntu. The image is quite stable at this time, with the only real
> issue being the game Quadrapassel. Quadrapassel will not run on any
> machine that does not have 3d enabled. This includes systems with
> nvidia video without hardware drivers installed and VirtualBox
> machines. If this is the only real issue, we DID GREAT!
> Many thanks to all those contributing to Xubuntu. You all deserve a
> huge hug!
Hi Charlie,

Are there release notes anywhere? I can't find them at , if anyone could create
them there that would be great.

Also, if you could BCC (don't forget the B in BCC :) these mails to my
personal address, that would be great. Being in the board of my study's
union nowadays, I don't even really have time to read up on all my geek
mails. A mail to my personal address doesn't guarantee it being done
quickly, but at least it won't take me two days to even read the mail :)



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