xubuntu and indicator applets (Vincent)

Simon Steinbeiß simon.steinbeiss at elfenbeinturm.at
Wed May 26 18:54:10 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, 25 May 2010 00:19:43, Vincent <mailinglists at vinnl.nl> wrote:

> I believe the original freedesktop.org specification originated in KDE, so
> yes, it works in Kubuntu. Edubuntu is based on GNOME so it works there too.
> Everything not GNOME or KDE is left out in the cold, I suppose. But perhaps
> someone wants to implement the specification in a panel plugin for Xfce.

I heard that the indicators work via the xfapplet-plugin, but i haven't tried because i don't want
to install all those horrible dependencies just to try it.

> Ignoring applications that use the spec will be hard, I think, because
> Ubuntu is working to convert all applications in its repo's, which we also
> use. Nor would I consider this tray icon such a deal-breaker that a whole
> application is excluded in advance.

I know that that's not a good option, especially in the long/er run. I still think there should be
some discussion as to what to do with that change.
I'm also wondering whether it's a good idea to make xfce (or xubuntu for that matter) more and more
gnome-ish (or ubuntu-ish), some people might prefer the good old tray-icon concept.

I wouldn't say that an application should be excluded in advance because of that issue, I just
think it's necessary for the xubuntu team to decide what to do with this, as the problems with it
are just about to begin.


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