Seed changes for maverick

Lionel Le Folgoc mrpouit at
Thu Jun 24 18:21:23 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I made some changes to the seeds in maverick.

First, a global resync/merge with {ubuntu,netbook}.maverick (ubuntu
desktop and ubuntu netbook edition seeds), as it hasn't been done for
several releases. It *should* not introduce any major change, just
follow the stream (e.g. adding polkit, switching from scim to ibus,

Then, some more xubuntu-related changes: I replaced some GNOME programs
by Xfce ones, which should provide similar features:
* totem, totem-mozilla -> parole, browser-plugin-parole (both are based
  on GStreamer)
* brasero -> xfburn (the libraries it relies on have just been promoted
  to main in maverick == supported by Canonical)
* gnome-system-monitor -> xfce4-taskmanager (the version in maverick is
  now able to draw curves…)

This is temporary: I want them to be included in the next alpha(s) to
get wider testing. If too many people aren't happy with them, or if they
aren't really usable, this will be reverted after Alpha 2 (or Alpha 3,
to give more time).


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