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Thanks, Charlie,

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> Team reports for July 2010 need to updated. So far, we have almost no
> updates for July. This report is printed in the Ubuntu Weekly
> News, so let us take the opportunity to say we are alive and doing
> well.
> There is always something happening, so let's get it into the report! I
> did submit a new article to UNW for artwork for Maverick. I also
> submitted the article to deviantArt.
> I started an account to try and keep things updated to the
> community at large. We will see how it goes. I am not very good at
> updating this type of thing. Wish me luck on it, anyway. I will make an
> effort to keep things rolling.
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I saw your notice on and "re-tweeted" it.  Hopefully we'll get
some results out of that.

It was a great idea to also get word out to the UNW and deviantArt groups,
as well.  Thanks for your efforts,


P.S. Have you heard about the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie?  I think it
involves someone trying to steal dreams?  It made me think of you.
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