Replacing Firefox with Google Chrome

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Thu Jan 28 23:11:39 UTC 2010


I'll mainly comment on 3)

Statistics from the Firefox add-ons site (ordered by popularity) ..
#1 *Adblock Plus:             926,549 weekly downloads*
#2 Coral IE Tab:             105,047 weekly downloads
#3 Download Flash and Video:  60,397 weekly downloads

ie.  Adblock Plus is very popular (almost 1 million downloads a week) and
many times more popular than any other FF add-on.
I don't know whether it is used by the core set of Xubuntu users - but,
given it's general popularity, it might.

Adblock Plus improves responsiveness and speed very significantly on some

I feel that Chrome is still an immature product.  In a year or 2, it will be
more mature and easier to compare against its competition.  I think it is
good to have it in the Ubuntu repositories, though, so people can try out
the Linux version easily and monitor its progress. I will be.

Just one opinion.


On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 2:04 AM, Jim Campbell <jwcampbell at> wrote:

3) I agree about the less powerful adblock extensions, but how many people
> use these?  Is having them available going to impact the core set of Xubuntu
> users?  I am not saying that it absolutely will not impact the core set of
> Xubuntu users, I am just asking the question.  How many Xubuntu users rely
> on adblock?  If there is not a good adblock extension now, will a better
> adblock extension be possible down the road, or does Chromium's setup
> prevent something like this from working well?
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