Replacing Firefox with Google Chrome

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at
Wed Jan 27 11:41:24 UTC 2010

Marcos wrote:
> Hi!
> I vote for Chromium, not Chrome.
> But Chromium and Chrome has a important problem: I can't localize to
> my language.
> Only the languages that they choose, can enter in Chromium/Chrome.
> You can read more here:
> Marked as "Won't fix" :( I think is contrary to the free software.
> Chromium/Chrome isn't integrated with the system, with "special"
> menus, they not use the Guide of Usability :(

It is quite unacceptable to have such browser as default whet is even
can not be localized and translated to language users are using.

I would not consider Chrom* anything until that thing with not allowing
translation is solved in a desirable fashion.

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